30 things a woman should know by 30

30 things a woman should know by 30

30 things a woman should know by 30

A flower blossoms for its own joy

Urgency is the enemy of creativity.

Study the old masters

Traveling is essential, not to learn about other people and places but yourself.

Forced connections start fires.

If you want to stand out, heal.

Those who want their problems to be yours will bring chaos to your life to not feel lonely. Let people deal with their problems.

A signature dish, dessert, and fragrance

Exercise, nutrition, vitamins, and probiotics are not optional.

Sleep is your beauty routine.

Sexy equals being comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Starting over from scratch is often necessary.

A person afraid of failing will find it very challenging to rise.

Fail up

Humble, for what?

It’s perfectly fine to do what’s best for you, even if it upsets people.

Stress is a precursor to disease.

People evolve, and friendships end.

It’s not your job to manage people’s insecurities.

Social etiquette

Listen selflessly

Love is a practice, not a performance.

Learning something new and enriching is the spice of life, not variety.

It can take a long time to sound like and be yourself.

Buy the designer heels and handbag. It’s almost always worth it.

Gratitude transforms your energy.

A true love affair never ends, only temporarily abandoned.

Beauty is the exact opposite of glamour.

Astrology is an ancient tool.

Prayer breaks the yolk.

Bonus: Be present in every moment. Savor it all. You blinked, and you’re 30.

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