4 Go-To Stay At Home Style Staples

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4 Go-To Stay At Home Style Staples

It’s crazy to think that a few months ago, we were blissfully unaware that COVID-19 would soon change our lives dramatically. Now, instead of suiting up for work and taking the subway, we roll up to the kitchen table every morning for a full day of working from home. While it’s not particularly glamorous, staying at home doesn’t have to mean turning into a slob, either. 

If you’re at a loss for how to dress comfortably without staying in your pajamas all day, we’ve rounded up a list of some go-to staples during quarantine. Remember, getting dressed every day will not only make you feel more pulled together, it will also help boost productivity!

Satin Pajama Shirt

4 Go-To Stay At Home Style Staples

There is a simple way to wear your pajamas and still feel work-appropriate. The trick is, to pair a satin PJ top, preferably in a soft neutral tone like beige, black, or white with a pair of boyfriend jeans. The PJ top will come across as a more formal blouse when worn with daytime casual jeans. Even though it is technically a pajama shirt, you should change into it in the morning and out of it at the end of a day to keep a sense of normalcy in your routine.

Stretchy Leggings

4 Go-To Stay At Home Style Staples

Who doesn’t love a stretchy, slimming pair of leggings? Whether you are a fan of basic black or sleek white, or enjoy a patterned print — leggings are easy to wear and a favorite form of athleisure that even influencers love to wear. They are body-conscious, but not uncomfortable in the way that stiff slacks can be. Stock up on a few pairs of leggings during quarantine and you won’t be sorry. To offset the casual nature of leggings, you can always style them with a classic button-down or long cardigan.

Matching Loungewear Sets

4 Go-To Stay At Home Style Staples

If you want to be super comfortable without staying in your pajamas, cozy WFH lounge outfits are essential during quarantine. Worn together, a pretty knit loungewear set actually looks more sophisticated than you might think. You can also dress up your loungewear with trendy jewelry like a chunky chain necklace or hoop earrings. 

Sporty Joggers

4 Go-To Stay At Home Style Staples

A classic pair of luxe joggers in tan or black is a definite go-to for staying at home in style. You can wear joggers with almost anything: from a matching tank and cardigan to a classic white tee. They are suitable for sitting on the couch as well as occasionally running out to the grocery store or taking a stroll around the block. Pair them with white canvas sneakers and a baseball cap for a full athleisure outfit.

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