A New Smart Nightstand for Bedside Luxury

A New Smart Nightstand for Bedside Luxury

A New Smart Nightstand for Bedside Luxury

Comet Home has unveiled its new smart nightstand that boasts wireless charging, an internal cooler, and smart home control to help users achieve stress-free mornings and nights. Led by a team of ex-Apple engineers and product designers, the Comet smart nightstand has an ultramodern look and feel that rivals home furnishings from European design powerhouses.

A New Smart Nightstand for Bedside Luxury

“Busy professionals need products that help streamline their nighttime and morning routines,” head of product development at Comet. “I hated getting out of bed in the middle of night to turn off lights, or adjust the temperature. Comet allows users to control everything from their home bedside.”

Comet says research has been in development for over a year, with product teams based in California and the United Kingdom. Aside from a daring ultramodern design, the product attempts to tackle routine nighttime and morning frustrations with thoughtful features:

A New Smart Nightstand for Bedside Luxury

Full Surface Wireless Charging: Comet’s entire surface area provides wireless power, allowing users to effortlessly charge all their devices seamlessly without the hassle and tangle of wires.

Smart Home Control Interface: Comet integrates seamlessly with IFTTT devices, allowing users to control room temperature, curtains, speakers, lights, and locks without leaving their bed.

Internal Cooler: An internal cooler is hidden beneath the lid of Comet, allowing users to store beauty products, drinks, snacks and more within easy reach.

Ambient Lighting: Motion sensors detect your feet in low-light conditions and activate gentle ambient lighting to guide your way to the restroom at night.

 The Comet Smart Nightstand is available on Aug. 1. Pre-order now with exclusive discounts here.

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