AFL Coming to D.C. in 2017

Coming in 2017, the District will have a new football team, it will not replace the Redskins, but it will be an addition for sports fanatics to enjoy something different brought to them by the Arena Football League [AFL].

On Wednesday, March 16, Washington Wizards owner and founder of Monumental Sports & Entertainment Ted Leonsis joined with Mayor Muriel Bowser, AFL Tampa Bay Storm President Derrick Brooks and Gene Simmons AFL Los Angeles Kiss owner to officially welcome Washington’s AFL team to the league at the Verizon Center in Northwest.

Rock legend Gene Simmons, AFL LA Kiss owner makes an appearance. 

Find out details about the team on the flip…

The media/VIP entrance to the Verizon Center
The Etihad Airways Lounge at the Verizon Center before the presser began. 

Roger Mody, managing partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment said the team remains a work in progress.

“We still have to come up with a team name, team logo, color scheme and a hire a coach,” Mody said. “Once all of that is done we will unveil the new uniforms.”

Ted Leonsis, owner and founder, Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

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