Bath & Body Works Haul | Huge Sale

A while ago I was on the app Shopular and saw that Bath & Body Works was having a sale for up to 75% off. Being that I live just a few feet from the mall I stopped in to see what I could get, and I was shocked when I saw that the good stuff was indeed 75% off.

Of course this was a Saturday evening and the store had been ran through [Sheer Freesia was sold out], but I still managed to get a few things. Check out what I got for the low below.

Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, $6.50 $3.25



Hand soaps are a household essential and these soaps definitely make washing my hands fun and more like pampering than a chore with it’s exfoliating beads.

Mini Candles, $4.50 $2.00


I love these little mini candles for the bathroom, nightstand and home desk. London Tea & Lemon smells so good, so glad I found it!

Beach Glow Gel Lotion, $16.50 $8.25


I wanted to give this a try because I’ve never tried a tanning-like product. It is a brown gel like lotion but it applies to the skin sheer with lots of shimmer, so it would be great for all skin tones. I haven’t tried it on the beach yet, but so far so good.

Hand Sanitizer, $1.75 $.50


One can never have too many hand sanitizers. I generally like fragrance free ones, but these two are awesome.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Body & Foam Bath, $13 $5


I’ve been in love with the Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint line for years. This is great for stress just like it says. I don’t use this everyday just when I really need it, which keeps the sensation high.

Country Apple Body Wash, $12.50 $3.12


So, I couldn’t get Sheer Freesia, my all time favorite from BB&W throwback fragrance line, but I got the second best one, Country Apple. I use to use this way back in the day in elementary school and it’s still a goodie.

That’s all for now stay tuned for my mini home office haul!


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