Boudica Naturals Claims to Crack Shampoo Code

Boudica claims that most popular and commonly used shampoo brands pack shockingly unhealthy or eco-unfriendly ingredients.  Conversely, many “healthy” shampoos don’t even foam and often cause bad hair days. They say combining verifiably healthy ingredients with equally verifiable great results is the holy grail of hair care, or what they call “The Shampoo Code”.

The UK based company has a range of shampoos and conditioner that is certified vegan, keratin and color-friendly. There are no harsh salts, glycol, formaldehyde, parabens, artificial colors and fragrances as well as all other undesirable ingredients.

Boudica is infused with organic avocado & grape seed oils, rice, soy and wheat proteins, and regenerative apple stem cells.

The Boudica range includes Shine, Volume, Pre-Treatment Shampoos and Nourishing Conditioner, all retailing for $19.75 in large, eco-friendly recyclable, salon-sized 500ml bottles.

The line is available on Amazon for customers in the U.S.


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