Cantu Beauty Introduces New Skincare Collection

Cantu Beauty Introduces New Skincare Collection

 Cantu Beauty, has stepped into skincare with a new line of fast-absorbing body lotions and non-greasy body creams specially formulated to provide long-lasting moisture to dry skin. Developed with natural moisturizing ingredients, ‘Cantu Skin Therapy’ has the power to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth says the brand.

“We are very pleased to have formulated and introduced a great range of skincare products that work to relieve dry skin, a common frustration for many people,” Nikia Bowman, brand director of Cantu Beauty said. “We pack in several well-known moisturizing ingredients into every bottle and tube to ensure that consumers are finally getting the intense moisture they need to last all day.”

The ultra-rich formulas are crafted with naturally hydrating butters, oils and vitamins, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and Vitamin E, to help relieve dry skin and reveal the skin’s natural radiance. “Currently, consumers with dry skin find themselves layering multiple moisturizers to create the intense moisture their skin needs. With Cantu Skin Therapy, we do that blending for you,” Bowman added.

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Cantu Skin Therapy Body Lotions (16oz.) and Body Creams (8.5oz) are available now nationwide in select Walmart stores and online at and

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