Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home From Morning to Night

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home From Morning to Night

Maybe you waited too long to book reservations, maybe you don’t like crowds or how bout that coronavirus? Yeah, that. This year there are a plethora of reasons to not have a typical Valentine’s Day celebration. But given the raging pandemic we’re living through and all of its uncertainty, we have way more reasons to celebrate every moment we can with people we love.

The older I get the more I realize I like being at home. I like it especially on special occasions, because you can control every aspect of the day or evening. You know the food will taste exactly how you like and you know exactly what’s in it; you can drink as much as you want and you can wear anything! The music, the temperature, the fragrance…everything is just how you like it. I also don’t believe in “celebrating” only in the evening with Valentine’s dinner. It is Valentine’s “day” after all and why not make the hours count? Here is your playbook to do just that from morning to night. Whether it’s with your man or woman, friends, family, kids or pets all of these moves work for everyone in your life. 

9 a.m.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home From Morning to Night
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You’re awake and ready to go. You go to the bathroom, do what needs to be done and then head to the kitchen, but first, you turn on your 90s R&B playlist. The night before you bought everything you needed for today and you start with brewing fresh coffee or opting for hot tea or hot chocolate, your choice of course. If you go for hot chocolate you add whip cream and heart sprinkles because festive. You then take out the ingredients for the most decadent omelet of your life: eggs, onions, peppers, broccoli, bacon, Parmesan, gouda, spices. Breakfast is served. While digging in you ask your love(s) this: What’s one thing you love about yourself and what’s one thing you love about me?

12 p.m.

You’ve had your breakfast, coffee and great conversation to kick off the morning. Good vibes all around. Now it’s time for cinnamon rolls for a sweet midday treat. Oh and mimosas! Whether it’s store-bought, from a local bakery, or out of a can, no one will be able to tell the difference. Make this treat sweeter by icing the top of the warm cinnamon treats together. Pop the champagne, pour the pineapple or orange juice and enjoy. This will be a hit the whole house will love.

3 p.m.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home From Morning to Night

You probably fell asleep on the couch after the third mimosa if you’re anything like me. Time to head back into the bedroom, freshen up, change clothes, regroup and get ready for your fancy meal at home. If it’s just you and your Valentine this is the perfect meal to make together. Talk, laugh, pretend you’re away from home in a cooking class. Follow the recipes and get to it. Designate who is the chef and the sous chef. If it’s a crowd assign roles like veggie prepper, drink prepper, dessert-in-cheif. Make it fun!

6 p.m.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home From Morning to Night

The macaroni and cheese just came out of the oven, everything is done and everyone is ready to eat! The candles are lit, the lighting is just right and everyone has a smile. Before you eat don’t forget to capture the moment. After that nice, hearty dinner it’s time for dessert. You and your Valentine already dipped the strawberries in chocolate and let them cool, so they’re ready to go. After a heavy meal, these are the perfect dessert options. While indulging, it’s the perfect time to do a couple’s quiz! You can come up with your own questions or use this one. It’s the perfect way to remind your Valentine of all the things you love about them and just how well you know them.

9 p.m.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home From Morning to Night
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Dinner, dessert, great conversation. Now on to the couch to watch a movie, or catch up on your favorite show or watch something entirely new. I plan to watch the new film Malcolm and Marie, but then again I kind of want to watch something that’s tried and true. A movie that I love that holds me down no matter what. I think I want to watch something that feels familiar and good. Maybe it’s Brown Sugar or maybe it’s Friday, but I want to watch something I can depend on. If you’re like me [Venus in Capricorn] stability and dependability are important and a love language for sure. Watch what makes your heart content. 

12 a.m.

The yawns begin, the eyes are getting heavy and the movie is over. Time for bed. Maybe you’re truly going to sleep or maybe your night is just getting started, however, it ends Valentine’s Day 2021 was a success. You had food to eat, shelter, entertainment, loved ones and that’s all that truly matters in life, according to me. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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