Ciara Expands, Global Ambassador for Revlon

The singer/model Ciara will join Revlon’s ongoing Choose Love campaign, promoting two new product launches in 2017 – ColourStay Eye and Revlon Kiss Balm.

She will appear in print, digital and in-store campaigns as well as on social media. The campaign is due to launch on October 22, with further material rolling out in early November.


“As a woman who exemplifies confidence and beauty, Ciara is a perfect Ambassador to represent Revlon,” Fabian Garcia, president and CEO, Revlon said.

The singer was reportedly named after a Revlon fragrance of the same name. She said: “I’ve been a fan of the iconic Revlon brand my entire life. In fact, my name comes from the Revlon Ciara fragrance.”

Ciara and friend Lala Anthony at the ‘Revlon welcomes Ciara’ party in New York City.

Ciara joins other previous Revlon Ambassadors Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde and Halle Berry.


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