DC Life: Dusty Baker Interview X Josh Norman Charity Event

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview the legendary Dusty Baker, manager of the Washington Nationals. Dusty only grants three one-on-one interviews a year and my paper the Washington Informer got one of the coveted spots. I was selected to do the interview not because I know the most about baseball or because I knew anything about him it was more of a divine situation.

I love sports, but more than sports I love the stories that come out of the games, the human element…exactly how these athletes came to be who they are. So when I interviewed Dusty that’s exactly what I talked to him about. He has a great American story and baseball just happens to be apart of it.

But like I was saying, I’ve written sports stories before in my two year professional journalism career, and so when the bosses asked who would want to cover the Nats opening day I volunteered. Opening day in D.C. is like a holiday, so I gladly accepted. The Nats liked my story, and I was able to cover another event which was Jackie Robinson Day, a commemorative celebration the MLB host every year. Coincidentally, that game was the one where kids who won the local spelling bee sponsored by the Washington Informer was honored.

                    Snap’ing it up. Add me on Snapchat @ Sarafinasaid.
                                       View of the ballpark from the press box.

So anyways that’s pretty much the short and sweet timeline of the biggest interview of my career so far.

After leaving the Nats Ballpark, my co-worker/photographer Travis and I went to Hawthorne’s on U Street to cover Washington Redskins Cornerback Josh Norman’s charity event for his new foundation Starz 24. I knew who Josh was because he is a former Carolina Panther, a team that propelled him to the national stage the year they had their super bowl run. Obviously being from Charlotte I had to get a picture and I did!

Check out pics and video from my sports filled week below!



       Washington Redskins Cornerback Josh Norman and Sarafina Wright.

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