Dove Launches DermaSeries Product Collection for Dry Skin Sufferers

Dove Product

Calling it a breakthrough for extreme dry skin sufferers –Dove proudly launched  Dove DermaSeries – a completely hypoallergenic and fragrance-free range of products formulated especially for the driest skin.

The collection combines outstanding clinical efficacy with beautiful sensorials to provide instant relief and lasting comfort for those with extremely dry skin, according to Dove.

Dove DermaSeries unlocks extremely dry skin’s potential to become healthy from within. The new range covers everything a dry skin sufferer could need – from a non-foaming and milky face wash that works to nourish visibly dry skin, to an intensive balm for instant, on-the-spot relief that also helps repair dry skin long-term.

Today 1 in 4 Americans are living with a skin disease, yet despite this there is a lack of representation of those with skin conditions in the media, Dove said in a statement. This leads to feelings of shame, abnormality and isolation, and a lack of real care for those who suffer, particularly from extremely dry skin.

With an expertise in care, Dove has an opportunity to help those with extremely dry skin make peace with their skin and feel good every day.

“You see perfect skin all over social media. But not everyone has perfect skin – whether it’s eczema, psoriasis, acne, or whatever, the more we show it, the more people will accept it. Nobody is perfect.”Mercedes Matz, Dove DermaSeries Real Woman

“My advice for others with psoriasis is just to be vulnerable and open. When I started sharing and talking about it, that’s when I really started healing. It’s wonderful because I don’t feel alone. I’m not hiding, and I’m so proud of that.” Reena Ruparelia, Dove DermaSeries Real Woman

Dove DermaSeries is now available at Target, CVS, mass food and drug retailers nationwide and


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