Hermès Beauty Debuts — First Up Lipstick

Hermès Beauty

Hermès, the luxury fashion house has officially stepped into the cosmetics business with its first-ever line of lipsticks. It is the first time that beauty products will be available as a concrete line in Hermès’ 180-year-plus history. The new Rouge Hermès products by Hermès Beauty are said to provide color in a single stroke and are available in matte and satin finishes and have taken inspiration from Hermès’ Doblis and Box leather handbags.

Hermès Beauty’s Creative Director Jérôme Touron was the visionary behind the collection, alongside its Jewellery and Shoes Creative Director Pierre Hardy.

“I love the simplicity of pure shapes that colors have the ability to animate,” said Hardy.

Hermès Beauty

“Intuitively, to become timeless, this object had to be able to morph, remain iconic, but stay fluid, be part of a connected sequence, and perpetually recognizable. A constant yet ever-changing object.”

“Our approach to beauty is fundamental”, continued Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director of Hermès. “It is to reveal and highlight what is naturally there, with elegance, comfort and pleasure.”

The brand plans to release other items, rumored to be foundations and color cosmetics, every six months from September 2020, until a complete line of make-up is created. Skincare is also on the horizon.

The Rouge Hermès range is available worldwide on March 4.


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