Iridescent Lip Toppers on Trend for Winter


From Sigma Beauty, Jouer to Lime Crime iridescent lip glosses or lip toppers are the next big thing in the beauty world.

Brands are rolling out these edgy lip products in an effort to stay on top of the ever changing trends.

Sigma Beauty calls their version ‘Lip Switch,’a holographic lip gloss, prismatic and light-weight, adding a dimensional new layer to your favorite lip color.


Sigma’s Lip Switch comes in five shades including:

Double Whammy: Green and lavender duo-chrome

Flip-Flop: Fiery orange holographic finish

Other Worldly: Frosty green gloss

Pink Lotus: Bold, prismatic pink

Transcend: Cool, purple opal tones

You can wear the translucent shades alone for high shine with an eye-catching surprise or on top of a lipstick. They are available at for $14 each.


Lime Crime recently launched Diamond Crushers: a new line of iridescent Lip Toppers that emulate the effect of crushed diamonds.

The six ethereal shades of iridescence are:

Choke, cloud pink/blue

Trip, delirium purple

Dope, cotton candy champagne

Lit, rose gold on acid

Strip, nightclub pink

Fluke, chill mauve

Each shades comes encased in a pale pink sparkly vial with a long glass wand and a doe-foot applicator according to the company.

“Diamond Crushers are not gloss – they are a matte lip topper that gets wearers LIT! Prismatic technology allows particles to shift colors as wearers move and create a personal light show,” Lime Crime CEO and Founder Doe Deere said.

“Diamond Crushers lip topper can be worn on bare lips or over any liquid matte lipstick without disturbing the formula underneath. In fact, it will seal it instead so glittery lips can be enjoyed hassle-free!”  

In addition to wearing Diamond Crushers on bare lips, over liquid matte lipstick, or topped with gloss, Deere suggests embellishing the cheeks, collar and brow bones, and even eyebrows to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Diamond Crushers are available individually $18 and as a bundle 6 for $80 on


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