Is Holiday Themed Deodorant Too Much?

Schmidts Holiday Collection
Schmidt’s Naturals Holiday Collection in Original Formulas (PRNewsfoto/Schmidt’s Naturals)

Schmidt’s Naturals, the lifestyle brand claiming to lead the charge in the way people think about natural has introduced a limited-edition deodorant Holiday Collection.

The Holiday Collection offers three scents that exemplify the season – Oh, Christmas Tree, Snow Day, and Holiday Spice, all made with quality plant-based, naughty list-free ingredients according to the company.

Does one really need a holiday themed deodorant? Do I want my underarms to smell like cinnamon, christmas trees or cranberries? Me personally I’m more of a clean, minimal smell deodorant kind of girl, so this doesn’t speak to me. However, this would be a great holiday gift for anyone friends, family, co-workers or random people that tend to stop by during the holidays.

Schmidt’s special edition scents embody a collector’s mentality — the Holiday Collection is our fourth limited release, with more to come,” says Chief Global Strategy Officer and angel investor of Schmidt’s Naturals, Michael Cammarata.

“Innovative and compelling plant-based fragrances have generated surging demand for retailers, from Target to Urban Outfitters, to carry Schmidt’s Naturals.” He continues, “the brand has proven time and again that it challenges assumptions commonly made about conventional ‘natural’ companies. We are leading the movement to make natural products accessible and effective for transitional households that are investing in positive lifestyle choices for their family’s health.”

Let me know in the comments if you’re into holiday themed deodorant by Schmidt’s Naturals!



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