Karrueche Teams with Jordan Brand

Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran, model and actress recently teamed up with the Jordan Brand. In a photo and interview spread she talked her love for sneakers, her starring role in the hit-show Claws and her beloved LA.

Jordan Brands says Karrueche’s hustle and vision made her a perfect fit to rep the new Jordan 23 Engineered collection, one that combines sportswear silhouettes with the latest Jordan Brand apparel innovations. Like the hybrid collection, Karrueche has her eyes set on multiple industries and pushes herself to be better each day.


You’ve been a sneaker fan all your life and talked about begging your mom to buy you the Air Jordan XI Retro Bred. What was it about that shoe?

I remember they came out around Christmas when I was in middle school. There was all this hype about them. You know when you have your holiday break, and you come back to school? You have to be fresh. I remember those shoes were just “it.” They were the ones everyone had to have, and I just had to have them. I made [my mom] drive kind of far to get them. They’re a childhood staple for me. I have two pairs in my closet right now.

What is your favorite Air Jordans of all time?

My favorite silhouette is the Air Jordan I. It’s just classic to me.

You grew up between L.A. proper and the Valley, which has peak mall culture. How did growing up in these areas influence you?

Until the first half of my ninth grade year, I lived in Mid-City. I went to high school near Fairfax Ave., and it’s amazing to think that Fairfax and Melrose are so key to L.A. fashion now. I literally grew up in that environment, so it just inherently opened my eyes to more diverse cultures, styles and trends.

I will rep L.A. ‘til the day I die, because I love this city so much. People come here assuming it’s all about the Hollywood lifestyle, but it has grown and evolved so much. Growing with the city of L.A. made me who I am today.

Do you have a favorite piece that you wore for the 23 Engineered campaign?

When I first saw the all-black Jordan Air Latitude 720 shoes, I was nervous, because I wasn’t sure how they’d look on me. I was pretty blown away when I put them on. I like that Jordan Brand has done a more modern twist on a basketball shoe. I also really liked the pairing of the white jacket and vest that has 23 around the neck. Not only do those pieces look cool, they feel very functional, as well. It just shows that Jordan Brand is pushing to make a line that’s sports-driven and comfortable but still fashion-forward.


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