Lush Getting Rid of Excess Packaging for the Holidays


Lush Cosmetics is planning to get rid of the majority of its for this upcoming holiday season. They call it going bare.

For Halloween and Christmas, the self-claimed ethical-focused skin care brand is urging consumers to be mindful of excess packaging and has created a seasonal range that is 80 percent ‘naked.’

Lush claims that by getting rid of bottles and tubs for its winter collection, it will be able to invest more in its ingredients.


“Most bathrooms are full of unwanted products bought in error because the packaging was eye-catching or there was a tempting offer at the shop,”  Mark Constantine, co-founder of Lush said.

“Some time ago a TV company asked us to cost a typical shower gel for a consumer program. In doing this it became obvious that the packaging was a larger part of the manufacturing cost than the contents, and that the bottle label and lid cost more than twice the shower gel itself.”

So Lush is doing a new thing called “solid packaging.”

Consumers will be able to find shampoos, shower gels, body lotions, bath oils and lip products in solid unpackaged formats.

To create the solid products, Lush replaced the water content with ingredients that remain solid at room temperature, such as cocoa butter.

The formulation is designed to prevent bacteria growth and to preserve the item.

These products are available nationwide in the UK on Oct. 6.





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