Mom Creates Hair/Skin Care Line for Brown Babies

Selma Idris, a Sudanese-American introduced The Brown Crayon Project, a carefully-curated collection of hair, scalp, skin, body cleansers, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers and oils formulated with brown babies in mind.


The Brown Crayon Project Logo
The Brown Crayon Project Logo


“My first son, Adam, developed cradle cap, like so many babies do. I sourced everything available to me in shops and online but could not find products that would help heal his scalp without drying out his beautiful hair,”¬†Idris said. “After hearing the same from so many moms in my community, I knew it was time to fill the void.”


The products will be available late summer 2016 on their website and in select retail stores throughout the country. The company says it has a holistic approach to baby care with a commitment to honest messaging and community involvement.


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