Postmates And Lil Nas X Grant Wishes for #BetterThanSanta

Postmates And Lil Nas X Grant Wishes for #BetterThanSanta

Postmates And Lil Nas X Grant Wishes for #BetterThanSanta

Postmates’ fourth annual #BetterThanSanta is here. Starting tonight at 5 p.m. PST, the delivery service is granting as many holiday wishes submitted through Twitter as possible in the spirit of giving. This year, Grammy Award-winning artist Lil Nas X will be Postmates’ first-ever partner for #BetterThanSanta helping make people’s wishes come true. Fans can also tune into Monday Night Football tonight to catch a special #BetterThanSanta message from Lil Nas X and Postmates.

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“Helping to bring joyful vibes to people this year is really important to me, and I’m super excited to join forces with Postmates to grant people’s holiday wishes this year with #BetterThanSanta,” said Lil Nas X. “We’re kicking things off today by Postmating some lunch from Hotville Chicken to Covenant House LA. With everything going on in the world, it’s important to me now more than ever to support the youth in my community.”

In addition to granting people’s wishes with #BetterThanSanta, Lil Nas X is helping people get into the holiday spirit all season long with his new song, “HOLIDAY.” Postmates says so many people submitted wishes last year that #BetterThanSanta was trending on Twitter in the U.S. The delivery service granted all kinds of wishes including Lisa who asked for laptops to be sent to her sister, and a teacher who needed them for her students. 

This year, tweet your wildest wishes at Postmates and Lil Nas X here or just follow these directions:

  1. Starting December 7 at 5 p.m. PST, Tweet your holiday wish (all wishes must be submitted by 3:00 p.m. PST December 10)
  2. Use the hashtag #BetterThanSanta and #PostmatesContest
  3. Check your replies for a message from Postmates or Lil Nas X

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