Ralph Lauren Introduces ‘The Lauren Look’ Subscription Box

Ralph Lauren Introduces ‘The Lauren Look’ Subscription Box

Ralph Lauren Introduces ‘The Lauren Look’ Subscription Box

Ralph Lauren has announced the introduction of ‘The Lauren Look,’ the company’s first subscription apparel rental service, with the Lauren Ralph Lauren brand. Ralph Lauren says it is the first luxury brand to pioneer a fully articulated rental model, offering consumers an innovative new way to experience, engage and shop the brand. The Lauren Look platform is a response to how shoppers are building their personal wardrobes in the evolving digital retail landscape.

Ralph Lauren Introduces ‘The Lauren Look’ Subscription Box

“Consumers today are taking a different approach to experiencing brands and building their wardrobes,” said Patrice Louvet, president and CEO. “The closet of the future will include a mix of new seasonal fashion, unique customized pieces and wardrobe staples, alongside pre-owned and rented clothing. With our timeless aesthetic, we are incredibly well-positioned to play across each of these categories.”

“The Lauren Look allows us to explore an entirely new model tapping into the growing focus on the sharing economy and revolutionizing how we look at fashion consumption,” said David Lauren, chief innovation and branding officer. Launching with Lauren, our most widely distributed and accessible brand, is a testament to the growth we see in this space and will help us further anticipate the evolving needs and makeup of our consumers’ future closet.”


The membership platform unlocks access to a rotating selection of Lauren dresses, pants, tops, and more, as well as inspired suggestions from expert stylists on how to wear them. Starting at $125 per month, the size inclusive subscription allows members to curate their fashion closet with looks from the most recent Lauren collections. Once the curated closet is complete and favorite pieces are prioritized, the member will receive their first shipment. When the member is done with the pieces, they have the option to return the items to be replaced with new pieces or purchase the items they love at exclusive member prices.

The company says in addition to supporting the reduction of clothing waste by expanding the lifespan of garments that might otherwise be purchased and worn only a few times, the collections will be part of a special after-use program. Once the clothes have reached the rental cap, they will be donated to Delivering Good, a non-profit organization that provides people who are impacted by poverty and tragedy with new and nearly new merchandise to offer hope, dignity and self-esteem to at-risk children, families and individuals.

Learn more about ‘The Lauren Look’ here.

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