Rihanna Previews Fenty Beauty Beach Collection #BEACHPLEASE


Rihanna teased on Instagram a new Fenty Beauty range that no one was expecting, but so perfect — a new body luminizer named “Body Lava.”

The Body Lava comes in two shades ‘Brown Sugar‘ and ‘Who Needs Clothes‘ which will anchor the brand’s summer collection, #BEACHPLEASE. Also dropping on April 6 at Sephora is another new product apart of the collection, Fairy Bomb Pom Pom. Not much is known about #FAIRYBOMB, but according to Rihanna’s tutorial it looks like a body setting powder for Body Lava.


I’m super excited about this launch. I’ve been looking for “glow” products for the body for a while and I’m definitely going to try this. Rihanna and team is ahead of the beauty game with this one. Stay tuned for the full collection!



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