The Currys Take Over Parents Magazine


Steph Curry and daughters Riley, 3, and Ryan, 10 months, cover the June issue of Parents magazine. Steph and wife Ayesha discuss their equally new found fame, young marriage and of course parenthood.

Check out excerpts and adorable pictures from the story by Alan Shipnuck.


Photo by Peggy Sirota


You guys got married so young. What was the rush? 

SC: I was 23; she was 22. But I knew I had found the right woman and I wanted to start a life with her.

Ayesha, how hard was it for you to put your acting aspirations on hold to support Stephen? 

AC: I was figuring out what my career path was going to be. Then shortly after we got married, I found out we were pregnant with Riley. She was a borderline honeymoon baby. So that became my next move. I struggled with that for a while.

Stephen, how do you stay connected on a long road trip? 

SC: FaceTime helps me a lot. I feel like I’m at home even though I’m not. My girls get to see me, and Riley is at the age where she asks where I am and when I’ll be back, counting down how many “sleeps” until Daddy gets home.

Photo by Peggy Sirota

The Infamous Riley:

Let’s talk about Riley. She became a celebrity last spring when she tagged along to a press conference and stole the show—waving at reporters, telling you to be quiet, disappearing under the dais. Did that happen organically, and were you surprised by the reaction? 

SC: Yes and yes. I have to walk past the family waiting room to get to the interview room, and Riley wanted to hang out with me. She had that look, like she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So I said, all right, come with me. She sat up there, and that’s when her personality shined bright. I tried my best to answer the questions even while feeling under the table and checking out of the corner of my eye—where is Riley? She’s got a great sense of humor. Now she’s the star of the family. If we go somewhere without her, the first question people ask us is, “Where’s Riley?”

Does she understand that she’s sort of famous? 

AC: No, she has no idea.

SC: But she is definitely aware of people taking pictures of her.

AC: That breaks my heart a little as a parent. She’ll put her hand up and be like, “Mom, she’s trying to take a picture of me.” Then I give a look that says, “Put your phone down.”

Photo by Peggy Sirota

Ayesha’s budding cooking career:

Ayesha, you have a cookbook out in September, The Seasoned Life, a culinary YouTube channel, Little Lights of Mine, and an upcoming show on the Cooking Channel. Where did your love of food come from? 

AC: My whole family. My mom is Jamaican and Chinese, and my dad is Polish and African‑ American, so I’m very mixed [culturally]. The kitchen was the center of our household. I spent all of my time there growing up.

Stephen, what’s your favorite dish that she makes? 

SC: My truthful answer is chicken parm. She hates that because it’s so simple. So my favorite non‑simple dish is lamb chops with bacon-wrapped scallops. She makes the fixin’s on the side.

Are you in negotiations for a third little Curry? 

SC: We agreed to press pause and then reassess in a year or so.

AC: He’d have three more kids right now if he could.

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