The S-List: Holiday Edition!

A monthly feature highlighting my favorite things from the kitchen to the closet. It’s aptly named The S-List, an ode to Oprah’s The O List. Cheers.

The S-List: Holiday Edition

The S-List: Holiday Edition!

Crofton Cheese Knife Set, In-store at Aldi

When I saw this cute faux marble cheese knife set I knew I had to have it. I believe it was about $4.99, so I simply couldn’t resist. The little knives are good for hard cheeses, soft cheeses, scooping and picking up. Aldi rotates their holiday finds frequently, so it may or may not be in-store, but it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Crofton 2 Tier Serving Stand, In-store Aldi

How cute is this serving stand? The white plates and gold accents play so well when hosting. This Christmas we hosted for a few family and friends and everyone appreciated the effort of little sweet things to nibble on. This was $14.99 at Aldi and a total steal. Comparable serving stands in other stores are at least $20.

Crofton Buffett Server, In-store Aldi

Another server from Aldi? Yep. I saw this and like the others, I had to have it [$14.99] — no questions asked. To me, items like this buffet server are always good to have because you may not have plans to host anytime soon, but when the time inevitably comes you are prepared. Following the box, I put savory appetizers on this one such as smoked salmon, salami and an assortment of crackers. Everything in this picture is from Aldi, including the food.

Marshmallow Fireside Scented Candle, $24.50

The S-List: Holiday Edition!

Love this scent from Bath & Body Works. I waited to burn this until it was December just to set the mood for the holidays. It’s really hard to describe this scent other than roasted marshmallows, but with a dash of earthy notes and spiciness. It’s bold, but still super subtle. I also think this is a great unisex candle men and women will love.

Mini Candle Tins, In-store at Aldi

The S-List: Holiday Edition!

For $4.99, I couldn’t resist! These cute little holiday scented candles caught my eye because of the beautiful tins. These are great decor additions for the holidays and all year round if you ask me.

Christmas wine stopper, In-store at HomeGoods

The S-List: Holiday Edition!

What a cute Christmas tree wine stopper?! I actually use this all year, but I especially love it during the holidays [obviously]. This was at HomeGoods for about $4.99. I think this is a timeless kitchen item that you can have for forever.

2020 Planner, In-store at Aldi

The S-List: Holiday Edition!

I got this planner at the end of 2019 to start the year 2020 off right! This is the first time I used a planner throughout the whole year — it’s full of inspirational quotes, plenty of writing space and lots of stickers for every life occasion that pops up. To be honest, I haven’t used it at all the past few months as a result of pandemic fatigue, but I’m feeling way better and getting back on the stick! This was so worth the buy then and now.

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