Use This Method on Your Face to Heal Dry Skin

Use This Method on Your Face to Heal Dry Skin

Use This Method on Your Face to Heal Dry Skin

I’m back again for my favorite topic — dry skin. I always feel compelled to share the methods and products that worked for me because I remember the hell of my face feeling tight, dry, itchy, and uncomfortable with no end in sight. After years of looking and trying a lot of dud products, I know for sure what will help you, simply because it helped me! Shout out to wellness blogger Hey Fran Hey who provided me with great information on the topic years ago when I needed it. Hopefully, this post will do the same for you. Trust me; you’re going to love this.

Use This Method on Your Face to Heal Dry Skin

First, let me say that this is the healthiest way to relieve you of dry skin while also combating other normal issues. Less is truly more. Expensive products with 10,000 ingredients are not the way to solve this issue. Many times those products aren’t hydrating at all. They’re harsh, filled with chemicals, and leave your skin worse off — dryer and sometimes with chemical burns [it happened to me]. One thing I had to realize was that with my acne-prone, dry skin, I inherently had sensitive skin! It took me years to figure this out, and thus I used products that only made the situation worse.

Again, less is more when you have sensitive skin. The cleaner, the better, and all-natural is best. When I came across the oil cleansing method, I said, “Hey, nothing else has entirely worked, so it’s worth the try.” Immediately my skin was different. This method was life-changing, super easy, and affordable. The tightness, flakiness, and irritability…it all went away.

Here is how to start:

Use This Method on Your Face to Heal Dry Skin

Step 1: The steps to oil cleansing are oil, toner, oil. I’d suggest using pure almond oil, Moroccan argan oil, or Morrocan argan and rose oil blend. I’ve personally used all of these oils and know they work. There are tons of oils on the market, from avocado, jojoba, to macadamia oil, and those may work fine for oil cleansing, but the three I suggested I can endorse from personal use. With that said, please do your research and see where it takes you. 

How to: Starting with a dry face, pump one to two pumps of oil on your face and rub it in for about ten seconds. Rinse and pat dry. Your face should feel soft and supple, not oily. 

Use This Method on Your Face to Heal Dry Skin

Step 2: Toners are a big step in your skincare routine because they typically shrink pores, even skin tone, remove leftover dirt and debris and provide hydration. However, all toners aren’t equal, and some target specific skincare needs that aren’t great for all skin types—staying in the realm of sensitive skin and healing dry skin you want as natural of a toner as possible. Some experts suggest witch hazel-based products, which is a great start. Any witch hazel toner at places like Whole Foods and Target will likely do the trick. When I first started this journey, that’s exactly what I used. But after about a year, oil cleansing healed my dry skin. However, other issues like dullness popped up, and that’s when I found Pixi’s exfoliating toner — my holy grail! Pixi’s toner is a cult fave because it’s simply so good. I’d suggest purchasing a witch hazel toner and the exfoliating toner and alternating them day by day. 

How to: Lightly saturate a clean cotton pad with the toner of your choice. Next, wipe gently around your face and down your neck until the cotton pad has done its job. Allow 30 seconds to a minute before the final step.

Step 3: Once the toner has mostly dried. Take one or two pumps of the same oil you cleansed with and lightly massage it into your face. Look in the mirror and smile. You’re ready to go!

How to: This method is super easy and I stand by it 100 percent. I’ve even heard testimonials from people with oily skin who said that oil cleansing has made them less oily. In addition, oil cleansing works year-round, and you’re feeding your skin with things you actually understand. No dictionary necessary. 


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