Want to Smell Like Weed? MARY+JANE Launches Cannabis Inspired Fragrance ‘Blue Dream’ on 4/20

MARY+JANE Blue Dream Group (PRNewsfoto/MARY+JANE)


MARY+JANE, an American beauty company that designs, manufactures and distributes prestige cannabis inspired fragrances and related products, today announces the launch of its debut scent, BLUE DREAM.

Named after the popular California strain, MARY+JANE BLUE DREAM is unique and exciting, floral and spicy and exudes light, yet undeniable, notes of cannabis, according to the group. MARY+JANE allows everyone to legally enjoy a bit of cannabis on April 20.

In designing and selling fragrances with the distinct scent of cannabis, MARY+JANE is crystallizing the beauty and freedom associated with the herb,” marketing director Casey Kwon said. “Wearers of MARY+JANE can carry the bold yet subtle scent of cannabis and the liberating feeling that it carries with them as they work or play.”

BLUE DREAM by MARY+JANE will be available at MaryJaneFragrance.com beginning today for $145 [3.4oz] and $90 [1.0oz].



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