What Happened in 2018: Career Change, New City, New 💕

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Twenty – eighteen has been a year of extreme highs and lows, but this year is for sure ending on a high in more ways than one!

Coming in to the year, I knew that major changes were afoot. I had an ever present signal that I needed to resign from the job that I loved in order to go to the next level…whatever that means. No seriously, I didn’t know what would be better after all I was a staff writer at a highly respected newspaper in the nation’s capitol and an editor of a budding magazine where I got to write about literally anything I wanted which is basically unheard of. So why would I want to leave such a great situation?

Edisto Beach, S.C. /iPhone X

I think as humans we naturally gravitate towards trouble, challenges and new adventures — and if there is no trouble in our life, we will eventually make it. Fascinating right? But it all started in 2017 when I was told by a priest of the African tradition that spirit was showing him that I was a priestess, which I obviously wasn’t expecting at all, but as the year went on the idea that I was priestess became more and more real. It was prophetic dreams after prophetic dreams. Anyone who is close to me can attest and I will give some relevant examples later.

Moving On…

I went to the office, we met and that was it. Nothing came of it.

So anyways, although my career was going exceptionally well, other areas in my life seemed to be lacking. I would go back and forth in my mind about were these areas really lacking or was I just thinking too hard? But as usual God spoke to me through multiple vessels. First, I got a call from an old professor at Howard out of the blue telling me that I need to leave my job and try something new, because I’ve learned all I’m going to learn. Then my mom gave me a lead about a company in my hometown and that I should reach out to a contact she had, so I did when I came home for the holidays. I went to the office, we met and that was it. Nothing came of it.

Okay…I’m going down a complete rabbit hole, and less is more. I will finish that multi-layered story another time, but back to why I’m here. Almost a year later something did come of it!

Edisto Beach, S.C. /iPhone X

In short I’m ending 2018 with the most optimism ever. I’m the new producer for All Things Considered at Charlotte’s NPR station. I’m on the radio doing news at the top of the hour a few days a week. In fact, I even did an interview with a reporter live on the radio, which is still pretty mind-blowing giving the fact that just a few months ago it seemed that I was on a never-ending job hunt. Because remember I had this bright idea to quit my job. The blessing is that even though I resigned as a full-time staff member, I’ve been a weekly contributor to my old paper ever since! And just a few months ago I was about to be a full-time political correspondent for EBONY magazine, but God stepped in showing me my true path, but again I was able to keep that relationship, so now I am a regular contributor, which is pretty dope. And on a personal note I have an amazing apartment [not the apartment itself, but the energy in it] with the LOML!

Thank you 2018 for a lesson in faith. 



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